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Unlock Your Teen's Financial Potential Today!



  • Is Your Teen Ready for the Financial Challenges Ahead?

    If we fail to educate our teens about finance, they might continue to struggle with money matters throughout their lives.

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    Unlock your teenager's true potential by instilling a healthy money mindset. With our transformative ebook, you'll empower them to make smart financial decisions, cultivate a wealth-building mindset, and set the stage for a lifetime of prosperity and financial freedom. 

    What's Covered? Secrets To Wealth Creation

  • Secret #1: Mastering Budgeting - Equip your teen with the ability to gain control over finances and make informed financial decisions. (See page 4)

  • Secret #2: Saving & Investing for Financial Growth - Discover the power of making your money work for you and the magic of compound interest. (See page 6)

  • Secret #3: Igniting Entrepreneurship - Foster an entrepreneurial spirit in your teen to start and manage a business venture successfully. (See page 10)

  • And more...

    These secrets in "Personal Finance For Teens: Setting up Your Teen for Financial Success" will empower your teenager with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the world of personal finance, make informed decisions, and set themselves up for a prosperous future.

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    Yes! I Want It! ($5)
  • Meet Julie Bjugan - Your trusted partner in empowering your teen's financial future. 

    Julie is your friendly finance expert who's here to make money matters simple and fun. Think of her as your trusty friend who knows all the secrets of handling money wisely. With a Master's degree from the London School of Economics, she brings a wealth of financial knowledge. What truly sets Julie apart is her gift for simplifying complex money concepts, acting as a translator for the money world. She makes money matters simple and enjoyable for everyone.

    Being a homeschooling mom herself, Julie understands the challenges families face when it comes to teaching financial literacy. She's not just a finance pro; she's one of us! With experience at institutions like PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Swiss Investment Bank UBS, Julie has gained invaluable insights into the finance world. Now, she's ready to share those insights with your teen. 

    Get ready to learn, grow, and master money with Julie as your guide!

  • What People Are Saying About "Personal Finance For Teens"

    – Tamrah Barber

    Founder & President of Extreme Teen Leaders, Inc.

    “Such amazing information!!!!! So simple to understand even for a 5th grader!! Your teens will be millionaires if they grasp these concepts early in life. I have to do this again…can't believe some of you missed this opportunity!!! And we wonder why we have so much debt.”

    Empower your teen with financial knowledge that will last a lifetime. This is more than just an ebook, it's a stepping stone to their financial freedom.

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